Finding Roots

Your Seasonal Plants

The spectacular plant display!

The plants for your display are expertly selected each season based on the choice of good looking, quality plants. Garden designs will always include a combination of Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers and we have brought exactly the same practises to your MicroGarden! The result is a seasonal MicroGarden that can be fun and inspirational, introducing you to new plant arrangements.


Thrillers: A feature plant that may be tall, full of flowers or structurally spectacular, essentially any plant with an upright growth habit can be a thriller. The ‘thriller’ is a strong statement plant that will provide your MicroGarden with form and colour.

Fillers: ‘Filler’ plants will do what they say on the tin, they can either be foliage heavy or full of flowers, but their purpose is to grow and fill in the gaps between the other plants. 

Spillers: Weeping or cascading growth habits allow ‘Spillers’ to cascade over the side of the pot. Spillers themselves can create a strong statement and also be part of the fill in the pot, but they do provide balance.


What is special about the Finding Roots MicroGarden is that every season is different and you will notice your plants doing something different every time you look at them. You can expect anything from flowers, to seeds and berries – embracing nature and the plant journey! 

Your Colour Garden Plant Theme Choice

Looking up from your desk to admire the splash of colour that motivates you for the last hour of work!

What can I expect in a Colour Garden? When you think about it, gardens are all about colour! Plants are unique because that colour doesn’t just come from the flowers, it can also come from foliage and bark too. Any colour scheme can work, and you will see natural variations from season to season, it can be soothing or exciting but the main ambition is to bring a range of different colours every season.


Your Kitchen Garden Plant Theme Choice

Stepping out to snip fresh herbs and pop them straight into the pot for your Sunday roast!

What is a Kitchen Garden? A kitchen garden is traditionally where a variety of herbs and vegetables are grown in a space close to the house. The produce would vary based on different seasons, but because they are gown for household use, it is easy to pop outside and take what you need. Your MicroGarden is based on this tradition!   

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