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How Does The Finding Roots Subscription Work?

Tell me more about Finding Roots?

Finding Roots is a seasonal MicroGarden subscription designed to brighten up small spaces such as your balcony or patio with beautiful seasonal plants. All you have to do is sign up and when we deliver your MicroGarden to your door, you wheel it to your perfect spot and enjoy watching it flourish through the season. At the beginning of the next season we will deliver a new pre-planted insert to your door.

How does the Finding Roots Subscription work?

Finding Roots enables you to personalise your subscription by choosing the colour of your timeless modern pot and the plant theme that you will enjoy on your balcony. We will then do all the hard work by selecting the best seasonal plants, planting them up for you and delivering them to your door ensuring you receive your MicroGarden mess and hassle free!

What is included in a Finding Roots MicroGarden subscription?

Once you have subscribed, Finding Roots will deliver a timeless modern pot in the colour of your choice and a ready planted insert that will fit in your pot and is planted up with plants from the plant theme of your choice. Finding roots will keep you updated with information on how to keep your plants looking their best and what to expect over the season through email, blog posts and other media.

What are your seasons?

Spring: 1st March to the end of May

               Summer: 1st June to the end of August

               Autumn: 1st September to the end of November

               Winter: 1st December to the end of February

If you order near the branch of two seasons, we may decide to move your order into the upcoming season. All orders are dealt with in priority order (first ordered = first served!) and we will keep you updated with the progress of your order, so you can prepare for the date it’s delivered! 

Throughout the season we will keep you updated on the progress of your MicroGarden with care tips, ideas and make sure you get the most out of your own little patch of happiness. 

Can I order more than one MicroGarden?

Of course, there is the option in the subscription to choose as many pots and plant themes as you want.

Can I subscribe to different MicroGardens at once?

You can choose as many MicroGardens as you want when you subscribe, but they need to be the same colour and plant theme. Should you want different coloured pots or plant themes in your MicroGarden, please email us via the contact form below and we will do our best to help you.

I don’t have a balcony but I want to subscribe?

The Finding Roots Subscription suits a variety of locations in your home from your outdoor balcony where you get a splash of colour every time you look out the window to pride position next to your kitchen counter where you can enjoy the beautiful aromas of fresh herbs.

Finding Roots has been specifically designed to bring Garden Designer quality and scale it down to a MicroGarden size that fits perfectly on your balcony, terrace or in the home. 

Making changes to my subscription

Can I cancel my subscription?

Finding roots is designed so that you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription, however we do plant our containers to order ahead of delivery to allow the plants to settle into their new MicroGarden. For this reason we are not able to accept any changes to your subscription when your MicroGarden has already been planted.

If you do want to make an amendment to your subscription please contact us on the form below with all the relevant details and we will contact you.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged at point of purchase for your Finding Roots Pot (in a colour of your choice) and your first pre-planted insert (in the plant theme of your choice). From the week you receive your first delivery, you will then be charged a monthly subscription fee in advance of receiving your next pre-planted insert. Whilst you are charged monthly, you will receive your delivery of a new pre-planted insert once each season.

Can I skip a seasonal delivery?

Finding Roots has been carefully designed to enable you to enjoy and experience plants throughout every season. You are not able to skip deliveries. Should you wish to cancel your delivery and your subscription, please contact us using the form below with all the relevant details and we will contact you.

Can I change the plant theme for my next pre-planted insert delivery?

If you would like to change your plant theme for your next delivery, please email us through the contact form below with as much notice as possible and we will do our best to change it for you.

I have moved house, can I change my delivery details?

You are able to change your delivery address by logging into your account.

How can I change my payment details?

You are able to change your payment details by logging into your account.

I have a question around Delivery?

When will I receive my first delivery?

Congratulations on joining the Finding Roots community! We look forward to delivering your MicroGarden to you. Every MicroGarden is planted to order and we can’t wait to contact you when your MicroGarden is ready to be delivered.

How will my MicroGarden be delivered?

Your MicroGarden will be hand-delivered by Finding Roots. By not using large amounts of cardboard, you and I can ensure that we continue to minimise the impact we have on the environment whilst also ensuring that your MicroGarden arrives in the best possible condition.

Where do you deliver to?

Finding Roots is an early stage business that currently operates within the M25. If you are interested, but we don’t currently deliver to your area, sign up to our email newsletter and we will keep you updated on our exciting plans to expand our delivery area.

I have received my pot and first pre-planted insert, when will I receive my next delivery?

We will deliver a new pre-planted insert to you every season.  You can expect to receive your next delivery next season (a season is 3 months long).

What do I do with my old pre-planted insert when the new one arrives?

Finding Roots will collect your old insert and replace it with the new one. For this to happen we advise that you are home, because if you miss the time slot a new collection will be at additional expense.

Do I have to be home when you deliver?

We advise that it is best for you to be home when you receive your MicroGarden and seasonal pre-planted insert replacements. It is possible to make a request of Finding Roots in your delivery notes for your MicroGarden to be left in a ‘safe space’ but this will be at your own risk. If you didn’t include delivery notes when you first subscribed and your circumstances have changed, please contact us with the form below to keep us updated on your delivery.

What day do you deliver?

Once you have placed your order you will be allocated a delivery day and time slot, should this not work for your please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we will try our best to change it.

What if I miss my delivery?

If you are not home when we try to deliver and you have not left instructions to leave your MicroGarden in a ‘safe space’ then we will be in touch to reschedule your delivery.

I have a question about the pot?

How big is the pot?

Our timeless modern pots are the perfect size to give you a beautiful garden designer quality MicroGarden plant display. With a height of 43cm and width of 47cm your MicroGarden will look stunning throughout the year on a balcony, a patio or for impact outside your front door!

Does the MicroGarden have any other features?

Your MicroGarden is lightweight and easy to assemble in that perfect spot. In less than a minute, pop in the pre-planted insert, fill up the water reservoir and enjoy your beautiful MicroGarden.

How do I install my MicroGarden?

Your MicroGarden is so simple for you to install. All you need to do is pop in the pre-planted insert and fill up the water reservoir to enjoy your garden flourishing through the season.

One point that is important to mention, when you are installing and maintaining your MicroGarden it is your responsibility to ensure that there is no risk to any person or property.

Check out our page ‘Your Pot’ for more detail and illustrations on how to install your MicroGarden.

What does ‘Self-Watering’ mean?

The containers are self-watering with an indicator to show you when the water reservoir needs topping up. So if you have to go away for the weekend, simply top up the water reservoir and you’ll know that your plants will still be flourishing when you get home! You do need to keep an eye on the indicator, because if there’s no water in the reservoir and the soil dries up completely, your plants will suffer.

What is my pot made of?

The pot we use for your MicroGarden is special, it’s made from recycled materials! The pot is also weather-resistant and will last, but if you ever need to the materials can be recycled too! Recycled and recyclable, pretty wonderful right? What’s more is that you will be reusing the pot over and over again!

What happens to my previous season’s insert?

At the end of each season you can look forward to a new pre-planted seasonal insert, but what about the one you already have? Make sure that you lift it out and leave it for collection when you receive your new one.

The plants will be recycled either to compost or donated to local deserving charities and social enterprises who will be able to ensure that the plant gets a second life when it comes back into season next year.

I have a question about the plants?

I Always Kill Plants – Is Finding Roots For Me?

Finding Roots has been designed for customers of all gardening experiences from beginner to expert! We understand more than many when you no longer have the time to keep your balcony looking perfect. Many customers who explained to us that they always killed plants, thought that it was for one of three reasons:

  1. Unsure how to water
  2. Didn’t know what plants to use
  3. Plant Care seemed complicated

Finding Roots have thought about all of these elements in order to give you the best gardening experience possible. Not only is the pot self-watering, but it has a subtle indicator which will show you when the water reservoir is getting low and you need to top it up again! Each planted insert has been carefully thought through in order to give you variety and interest whilst you learn about and watch your plants grow! Finding Roots will also provide you guidance and information about each plant you receive so that you can keep it looking it’s best – we will talk you through how to dead-head a plant or when is the right time to harvest your edibles!

How long will the plants last?

We design our themes to have plant interest for 3 months. During this time you may see some plants flower and then form seed heads, some plants may emerge from the compost and some may die back naturally. Some plants may arrive in flower and some may arrive with flower buds, we try and keep a variety of different stages in every container so you can enjoy the full horticultural experience of that season.

There are many factors that will determine how long your plants survive for, including and not limited to the care given, water and sunlight. We swap the inserts over after 3 months as this not only gives you maximum seasonal variety on your balcony, but also gives you a refresh of plants that are looking their best. 

The selection of plants in each theme will contain a mixture of annuals and perennials (we can explain what these words mean!) these in turn have different life expectancies, however they will be selected based upon knowledge of what performs well throughout the chosen season.

Can I choose my own plants?

Part of the Finding Roots Subscription Experience is that we source plants that are looking their best each season. Every season is different and so every plant will vary. For this reason, you will get a selection of plants that you may not have otherwise chosen, but we hope that you enjoy the element of surprise as you see learn more about these plants as they develop over the season. Our ambition is to offer a mixture of well-known plants with some that are less well known in order to expand your knowledge and introduce you to new and exciting seasonal plants!

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Finding Roots is a small business, fighting to make a difference and help you enjoy the benefits of growing a MicoGarden in the city.

We all muck in to answer emails and help make sure things run smoothly. Please do take a look at the FAQs before contacting Finding Roots in case your query has already been answered.

We look forward to your email.