Finding Roots

Terms and Conditions

This is the most current version of the Terms & Conditions and may be updated or changed at any time. Your continued use of our website or service constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and any changes.

1. Your Orders:

As a small company, we plant and grow to order. If you want to make any changes or have any problems with your order, please contact us via email so that we can help you as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, please ensure that at least 2 weeks’ notice is provided before your next delivery, in order for Customer Service to process your requests. We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion to cancel your subscription. Finding Roots Customer Service can be contacted via

​2. Your Subscription:

By subscribing to Finding Roots, you confirm and understand that we offer a recurring subscription with seasonal deliveries. You can choose your container colours and plant themes when you subscribe through our website. We will send your first delivery out to you at the first available opportunity after you have subscribed. Following your first delivery, you will then receive a delivery once every three months. You will not receive a delivery every month. For all deliveries after your first, we will do a direct swap and remove your previous insert and replace it with your new insert. Our seasons are Spring (1st March to end of May), Summer (1st of June to end of August), Autumn (1st of September to end of November) and Winter (1st of December to end of February ). We work hard to ensure that all the information on our website about the plants and associated products is as accurate as possible, however on occasion we may need to offer alternatives at our discretion.

3. Your MicroGarden:

We provide guidance on how best to install your MicroGarden, but we leave the responsibility of finding the perfect position and setting everything up to you. We recommend that you regularly check your MicroGarden, not only to enjoy the beautiful plants, but also to make sure that it is secure. We accept no liability and take no responsibility should one of our MicroGardens cause damage to your property or for any death or personal injury resulting in the installation or use of Finding Roots’ products.

4. Your Plants:

Plants are the heart of our business and we hope that you enjoy your seasonal plant journey through Finding Roots. However your plants are alive and for this reason they do need care and attention to ensure they look their best. Your plants are selected to represent the seasons, but the seasons can be impacted by many external factors (e.g. the weather) and for this reason we may on occasion need to offer alternatives at our discretion. We hope that you love all the plants that you receive, but we cannot be held responsible if you receive any plants that aren’t to your taste or that are unsuitable for you, your household or your pets. We work with the seasons to bring you quality plants that are looking their best. Whilst we will provide information for you to keep your plants looking their best, it is your responsibility to care for your plants every season and we cannot accept responsibility for plants that die as a result of neglect, watering issues or extreme weather.

5. Delivery:

Finding Roots deliver to your door, we will keep you updated on the delivery date, but cannot guarantee what time your MicroGarden will be delivered. If you want Finding Roots to leave your MicroGarden in a safe space please specify when you place your order, however we cannot take responsibility for the order if it is lost once delivered. If you need to change your address or make any updates to your delivery information in your account you must do so at least 2 weeks before your next delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct delivery information is against your account, and we are unable to process any refunds for any problems arising from not having the correct delivery information. We currently only deliver to the London boroughs. We are constantly looking to expand our service, so please do get in contact with us at if you want to suggest somewhere new for us to deliver, we will see if there is enough interest to justify the miles and keep you updated through our email newsletter!

6. Your Payments:

The cost of your subscription is determined when you first set up your subscription, Finding Roots reserves the right to amend this price at our discretion, if this happens each customer will have the opportunity to review their subscription and cancel via Customer Service. We have offered the flexibility of monthly payments for the convenience of our customers, it spreads the cost out for you and it ensures that you enjoy plants from every season in the year. Whilst your subscription is active, you commit the payments outlined in your subscription and you authorise Finding Roots to instruct your card issuer to debit the corresponding sum automatically. We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. All payments through our website are securely processed by Shopify Payments. For all non-plant items, you have up to 30 days to request a refund from Customer Service, provided the items are unused – we reserve the right to charge a collection fee for returns.

7. Any Questions:

If you have any more questions please first visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and if you can’t find the answer please contact Customer Services.