Finding Roots

Pot Installation & Seasonal Changeover

We are here to ensure that you have more time to enjoy those precious moments where you escape to admire your plants!

Our deliveries will all be contactless and our drivers will wear appropriate protection for your safety and their own.

Easy Installation

The simplicity of installation means you can enjoy your garden from your favourite angle all you have to do is drop your pre-planted insert into your pot! 

Pot Installation

How to Install Your Pot

1. Simply wheel to the perfect spot using your pots hidden wheels.

2. Pop in and twist the pre-planted insert, for the best view

3. Fill up the water reservoir, the handy indicator shows you reaching max!

4. Sit back to admire your plants flourish over the season!

5. Every season we do a seasonal changeover replacing last seasons pre-planted insert for the new season’s stunning insert!

Self-Watering Innovation

Your pot is self-watering with a water reservoir that is easy to top up. So if you have to go away for the weekend you’ll know that your plants will still be flourishing when you get home!

Seasonal Changeover

1. Confirm your delivery details, and if you want your MicroGarden left in a safe space at your own risk.

2. Simply lift out your old pre-planted insert from the previous season and pop in a stunning new one!

3. You know what to do now, simply wheel your container back to it’s perfect spot!

4. Check your water reservoir and the handy indicator will show you if you need to top up the water!

What to do at the end of each season

5. Sit back to admire your plant display over the season!