Finding Roots

Why Finding Roots?

We are here to ensure that you have more time to enjoy those precious moments where you escape to admire your plants!

Our deliveries will all be contactless and our drivers will wear appropriate protection for your safety and their own.

1. Choosing the Plants

We know that it can be overwhelming when you walk into a garden centre to know what will grow with what. So we do all the hard work for you, to bring you the most beautiful seasonal plant displays.

2. Plant Lingo

On the seasonal journey you will learn about ‘perennials,’ ‘annuals’ and when it’s time to ‘deadhead.’ We are here to make the world of ‘Horticulture’ a space where you feel welcome and part of a community of plant lovers!

3. Watering

Watering your plants can be complicated, we have solved your watering problems! Our containers are self-watering, simply fill up the water reservoir whenever the indicator shows that it’s low and your plants will thank you for it!